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  • Sep 6


    Kitchen is current closed, until further notice.

    The Bell Inn

    Posted By The Bell Inn on Sep 6, 2017 at 2:34 PM

  • Jul 20

    LIve Bands 2017

    Northern Line 7 January 2017

    Jury Dogs 28th January

    Under Dogs 4th February

    The modist 18February

    Ready Steady 60's 4th March

    Tristram shandy 18th March

    Firewire 1st April

    Tin Solider 15th April

    El Dudrino 29 April

    Think lizzy 9th May

    Shed the EGO 20th MAY

    Vinyl 45 27th May

    Thunderbird 4 17 June

    The Fog 24th June

    Jury dogs 8 July

    Shed the EGO 22nd July

    Hanger 3 5th August

    Northern line 19th August

    Under dogs 9th September

    Traxion 23rd September

    Code 44 7th October

    Hanger 3 21st October

    Sneaky freaks 28th October

    The solution 11 November

    Vinyl 45 18th November

    Martin jackton (soloist) 2nd December

    The Bell Inn

    Posted By The Bell Inn on Jul 20, 2016 at 12:24 PM